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Search Engine Optimisation

Now that you have a great looking site

let us help you get it found on the major search engines (including Google).

We have years of experience working with clients to design, build and market their websites, with the ultimate goal of increasing internet presence and generating more business leads. Our goal is to keep our clients ahead of the competition and we do this by driving leads and attracting high quality prospects through tailor made campaigns which include both optimising the website and increasing ranking signals from other websites.

Local Search Engine Optimisation

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The majority of our customers are small to medium sized businesses who operate in a town or county. We have a huge amount of experience in ranking websites within their locality. In many cities we cover such as Gloucester, Cheltenham, Bristol & Worcester, some industries top ranking results are dominated by clients we have worked with. We use a variety of software to assist us in making key decisions based on the website, competitor websites and which third party websites to try and work with in order to increase the overall visibility.

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On-site Optimisation

Website Content

Our research finds which keywords are the most relevant and deliver the most traffic to your website. We then use this research to create unique, fresh, high-quality content optimised to target these keywords.

Website Architecture

It is important to make it easy for your website content to be read. We ensure that all sites are free from duplicate content, are optimised for mobile and tablet devices and loads up quickly. These combined with many other techniques will make your site is search engine friendly.

Website Code Optimisation

So that your website is found online for search terms important to your business, we optimise the code to ensure that the relevant keywords appear the right amount of times, too much and its spam, too little and you’ll never be found!

Adding schema markup to your code informs search engines of the most important information on your site, such as telephone numbers, email addresses, customer reviews and much more.

Off-site Optimisation

Domain & Page Trust Factors

Your site can obtain a high ranking score based on multiple different factors. We generate links to your website from high quality, trusted sources. Remove low quality links, keep your content engaging to make sure your customers stick around. All of which helps to increase your website ranking score.

To improve your websites domain and page trust we ensure that only high quality links go to your website and spammy  low-quality links are removed. We also aim to make your content more engaging so that potential customers stay on your page, leaving you with the perfect bounce rate. these are just two of the many things we do to improve the trust of your website.

 Social Factors

Social media plays a huge part in everyday life now and this also applies to how google ranks a website. No social media presence can hinder rankings, however a good social media presence can massively improve it.

The reviews on your social media pages now show up in search results, this makes it far easier to show off your high quality services to potential customers.


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