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We can provide a great ROI on a PPC Campaign

We have a team of Google Adwords Certified Professionals and we have been awarded the Google Partners badge for the quality of our campaigns.

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Pay Per Click

You have just had your perfect website built

now it is time to drive customers and convert them in to paying customers.

There are many different types of campaigns which we can run to drive good quality traffic to your website including a search campaign, display campaign (banners), remarketing (targeting customers who have previously visited your website), shopping ads (advertising specific products on your website)


PPC Strategies

For each campaign we work through some key factors from the beginning to putting the campaign live to ensure the campaign runs at an optimal level from the beginning.

Some of the key factors include, keyword research & selection, advert text creation, optimising website landing pages to include call to action and increase the likelihood of converting customers, tracking activity on the site including call tracking, from enquiry tracking etc.

Ongoing we use the collected data from search terms to eradicate non converting and irrelevant keywords and aim to improve the quality score on high quality keywords.

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Campaign Key Factors

Keyword research

Regular research to find the keywords which are most relevant and deliver the most traffic to you.

Text Adverts

Creation of high quality, catchy, and well written text ads to promote your advert.

Landing Page Development

Creating optimised landing pages tailored to increased conversions from your adverts.

Conversion Tracking

Tracking how people interact with your adverts and monitoring the conversions you create.

Call Tracking

Each advert can have a custom telephone number to monitor how many phone calls your adverts create.

Ongoing Work

Pay Per Click Monitoring

We regularly monitor each and every PPC campaign to make sure that you get the best from your budget.

Pay Per Click Cost Management

If we see that your CPC are too high then we manage the website and advert to be more cost effective.

Ongoing Campaign Improvement and Modification

Regular maintenance of your account leads to constant improvement and a higher ROI.

Competitor Research

We look at your main competitions websites and ad campaigns to make sure you don’t miss out.

Trust Ranking Factors

Using our expertise to improve the authority that your website and adverts hold.

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